HANA Performance Analysis & Tuning

Try Cognatrix Free SAP HANA performance analysis and tuning services, we at cognatrix have a specialized team to help identify what are the current bottlenecks and how we can improve your HANA performance.

Step1 : Customer contacts cognatrix support.

Step2 : Our Technical expert will call you.

Step3 : Customer to provide the credentials to the required systems.

Step4 : Technical expert reviews the system

Step5 : Provide the performance report and recommendations.

What is expected in the report.
  • Find how you can free up your space

    Memory free up can help you in utilizing the required load and speeding up the reports.

  • Find your current system parameters

    Its important to know what's your hana system is currently configured to, and what would it need to optimize it.

  • Find expensive statements in your system

    Expensive statements not only consume memory but makes your system slower, eventually impacting the business process.

  • Find if you need to do table reorgs

    Do you know Table Reorg's can help to free up the memory, let us help you to look into your system to identify what requires org.


    Find if you need to create index's on your tables.

    Index can help to speed up the processing of your HANA Database. Improving the business process.