Pre migration assessment services

Planning to Move to SAP HANA, well sizing HANA System is the first important thing to ensure your systems run without issues, Cognatrix Free pre migration assessment services help you to size your Systems for absolutely free

Step1 : Customer contacts cognatrix support

Step2 : Our Technical expert will call you

Step3 : Customer to provide the credentials to the required systems

Step4 : Technical expert reviews the system

Step5 : Provide the Sizing reports

What is expected in the report
  • CPU Requirements

    Many people assume HANA is just about memory, a right CPU and proper CPU affinity can help to reduce load on your HANA System.

  • Memory Requirements

    Memory is of course the key of the HANA Database, extra memory means unnecessary license, less memory means System performance issue

  • Network requirements

    If you are considering a High available HANA system means, you need to consider network redundancy and proper bandwidth.

  • Host requirements (Scale up / Scale out)

    Do you know not all applications of SAP support HANA Scale out, find out what you need to run your application on HANA DB