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This course comprises the end-to-end handling of the SAP LT Replication Server (SLT) with a lot of hands-on exercises. The course starts at the very beginning of replication: Having a look at architectural concepts, covering sizing aspects as well as installation and authorization topics.

Afterwards you are getting familiar with the trigger based technology SLT is using and will replicate data into SAP HANA. Once you learned the basics, you will get to know how to use advanced settings, such as filtering and performance improvement options. Monitoring the data replication in SLT or Solution Manager as well as troubleshooting will be a part of this training, too.

There are differences in using SLT to replicate data into SAP HANA and other target, such as a regular ABAP system. You will get familiar with those differences and gain experience on the system. Besides the above the two scenarios mentioned before, there are special cases where you are not writing data on a table basis into the target but going via the application layer:

You will gain a deep insight into the special case of replicating data into SAP BW and learn to differentiate between and make use of the several available options SAP BW offers.

Replicating data into Central Finance, with which you can transition to SAP S/4HANA Finance, on-premise edition without disruption to your current system landscape, is another part of this course.


SAP Landscape Replication Server Overview

  • Lesson: Explaining Positioning and Key Concepts
  • Lesson: Identifying Use Cases
  • Lesson: Understanding SLT as Part of the DMIS Product Family

SAP Landscape Transformation Server Introduction

  • Lesson: Understanding the Architectural Concept
  • Lesson: Explaining the Landscape Strategy and Sizing Aspects
  • Lesson: Outlining the SLT Installation Procedure

Replication to SAP HANA

  • Lesson: Setting Up Data Replication
  • Lesson: Executing Data Replication
  • Lesson: Understanding Advanced Replication Settings
  • Lesson: Outlining Operations and Monitoring
  • Lesson: Describing SLT Handling in Special Cases

Replication to SAP BW

  • Lesson: Providing a Scenario Overview
  • Lesson: Explaining Open Data Provisioning (ODP)
  • Lesson: Describing Table-Based Replication
  • Lesson: Comparing Table-Based Replication and ODP

Replication to SAP Data Services

  • Lesson: Explaining SAP Data Services and Architecture
  • Lesson: Describing the Setup of Replication to SAP Data Services

Replication to ABAP Systems

  • Lesson: Describing the Architecture for Replication into an ABAP System
  • Lesson: Outlining the Setup for Replication into an ABAP System

Replication to Non-SAP Databases

  • Lesson: Describing the Architecture for Replication to Non-SAP Databases
  • Lesson: Understanding the Setup of ABAP to Non-ABAP Replication

Replication to Central Finance

  • Lesson: Describing the Architecture for Replication to Central Finance
  • Lesson: Understanding the Setup and Configuration of Replication to Central Finance

SAP Landscape Transformation Replication Server Summary

  • Lesson: Providing a Summary of the SAP Landscape Transformation Replication Server

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