SAP HANA Services

At Cognatrix, we have a deep expertise in SAP HANA Database, right from administration, development, modelling and integrating the database

Cognatrix HANA Database services were designed for customers who plan to migrate to SAP HANA or for customers who have already migrated to HANA, we also offer free hana services as a part of our HANA consulting.

Your TDI Installation partner

  • SAP HANA Cloud and managed services

    We can help your organization to move its HANA Database to cloud, we help with migration to cloud and manage your HANA

  • Sandbox Systems for Trail

    Now offering our SAP Sandbox systems with pre-configured scenarios for learning and development

  • HANA Big data integration with Vora

    Leverage HANA high performance analysis connecting to your existing big data system. Cognatrix helps you to integrate HANA to Big Data

  • HANA Migration

    On Premise to Cloud Migration or Cloud to Cloud migration, we can help you to migrate your hana database quickly

  • Free Pre Migration Assessment

    Leverage Cognatrix SAP HANA pre migration assessment to quickly check what it takes to migrate your legacy database to HANA

  • HANA Dynamic Tiering Configuration

    Ending up spending more money on HANA License for memory, have you heard of dynamic tiering, Cognatrix can help you with the dynamic tiering configuration

  • Testing and Training

    Free HANA Performance analysis and Landscape

    Having trouble with your HANA Systems, engage with cognatrix for FREE to help you to see how you can fix it