You are on HANA,but what next?

Thanks to SAP HANA, the in memory database which have exponentially increased the performance of your application, HANA was initially announced by SAP in 2011, and since then buzz kept on, while we at cognatrix have already helped many customers in training them in house team with HANA admin skills required for Implementation, Upgrade and daily maintenance of the HANA Systems.

But while, looking at architecture of various clients, we strongly consider the full set of features are not implemented, it is still used as a database to run the application, so in this article we ll discuss on how you can unlock the full potential of HANA this is a high level brief covering only few solutions, while if you have any questions on other features or for support please feel free to reach us on

Dynamic Tiering:

Potential advantage: Reduce the Memory Cost.


SAP HANA dynamic tiering requires its own license, separate from the SAP HANA license. SAP HANA dynamic tiering is licensed by the amount of data in extended storage. Only one dynamic tiering license is allowed per SAP HANAsystem. For multitenant databases, all tenant databases running dynamic tiering share the single dynamic tiering license.

SAP ReferenceGuide (Admin)

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Smart data Streaming:

Potential Advantage: Provides high speed real-time streaming analytics and stream data capture for HANA systems.


SAP HANA smart data streaming requires its own license, separate from the SAP HANA license.

You need only one SAP HANA smart data streaming license per installation of smart data streaming, regardless of the number of streaming hosts within the single SAP HANA system. For multitenant databases, all tenant databases running smart data streaming share the single smart data streaming license.

SAP Reference Guide (Admin)

For License, Features and Editions, please refer to our blog, which HANA edition is right fit for your Organization.

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