Pharmaceuticals and life sciences companies are experiencing a wave of competing challenges as part of what could be called the New Health Economy. They include consolidation among providers, especially hospitals, intended to produce efficiency gains; the changing demands and expectations of patients, who seek a greater role in their own care; increasing cost pressures from payers leading to calls for pricing reform; and the declining autonomy of the individual physician as rule-based, protocol-driven care becomes ascendant. The resulting healthcare system will focus increasingly on paying for the value rather than the volume of medical care; in other words, it will be a more consumer-facing industry.

Pharma companies have begun to adopt new technologies for data analytics that can manage and assess the results of personalized medicine delivery and determine the direction of product development. The companies are also re-examining the way they look at the value of their products and their pricing and distribution structures, while designing systems that let them communicate more effectively with patients and monitor outcomes

With Cognatrix deep understanding of the pharma industry and time-to-market needs, we focus on operational efficiencies, risk reduction, and customer service to provide incremental and cost-effective solutions with proven technologies like SAP and Tableau

Cognatrix was a chosen partner of leading pharma company because we improved their technical structure to support and adapt to constant change

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