SAP HANA Migration and Support

SAP HANA, is an in memory database, super capable of doing many impossible things possible.

The reasons why you need to migrate to SAP HANA are both compelling and exciting.

  • SAP is stopping regular support for database on Oracle by 2025
  • SAP now stopped selling license for new customers for previous versions
  • SAP new feature release are more quickly available on HANA version of applications
  • SAP HANA is matured product
  • OLAP & OLTP processing is faster on HANA
  • Real Time database avoiding aggregate tables
  • Various Deployment Options available (Side Car, as a Platform, as a database)
  • HANA supports HA with load balancing
  • HANA runs Multi Tenant database which make the database maintenance easier

While the reasons keep on adding, its highly important that you ensure safe practices before you migrate your database from legacy database to HANA database and further support the database. You need to have a right team, skill and expertise to do this, your another SAP vendor may force to scale up your IT budget when you speak of HANA


  • 24/7 ITIL aligned Service Desk for Seamless communication

  • Fixed Pricing based on database

  • Flexible Pricing options available for customer with different requirement

  • Pay as you wish

  • SAP Hana Certified administrators only


  • HANA Technical Installation

  • HANA Update

  • HANA Maintenance (Regular Support)

  • HANA Performance tuning

  • HANA Remote Data Sync

  • HANA Streaming Analytics

  • HANA Smart Data Integration and Smart Data quality

  • SAP HANA Accelerator for ASE

  • HANA Development

  • HANA Dynamic Tiering

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