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Businesses around the world have more and more to rely in consultancy to thrive through a more complex and disruptive fast changing economic, social and technological fast changing world. The consultancy industry is an increasing part of the business life and special as the international economy gets increasingly more volatile and software driven. In these scenario and as it stands the global consulting industry revenues – HR, IT, strategy, operations, management and business advisory services – will be about $470 billion in 2016, according to the company Plunkett Research estimative.

The numbers presented represent a reasonable growth from $449 billion during the previous year. In the U.S., consulting of all types, including management, scientific and technical, generated $257.6 billion during 2015, up from $233.9 billion from 2014.

Cognatrix have good understanding and have enabled partners in consulting and service industry with various solutions.

Cognatrix comprehensive suite of services address

  1. Talent Supply Chain.
  2. Project and Resource management.
  3. Application implementation

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